Clear Span Marquee Hire

Clear Span Marquees offer a traditional style of marquee hire that is versatile and robust. Clear Span Marquee hire is the most popular wedding marquee option. When dressed with pleated linings they create a formal and elegant atmosphere that can be decorated to your personal taste.

With no internal poles, the Clear Span offers a more spacious and functional interior, making layout arrangements more flexible. Clear Span Marquees can be erected on grass and hard surfaces with no guy ropes extending the footprint. Our stock of Clear Span Marquees are brand new and so ideally suited for wedding hire – get in touch and we can arrange for you to see one of our wedding marquee installations.

Dimensions & Layouts

A major advantage of Clear Span Marquees is that they can be built to almost any size you like, meaning that we can design your marquee perfectly according to the number of guests you are inviting.

We stock Clear Span Marquees in widths of 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15m, each of which can be built to any length in 3m intervals. Different clear span marquees can be joined together using gutters to create more interesting and varied layouts.

For weddings and parties we tend to not advise having a marquee that is too long and thin. A typical size for a wedding with 100 guests and space for a bar, band and dancefloor might be a 9 X 24m footprint, whereas a 12 X 27 Marquee would be a more suitable space for 150+ guests.

Clear Span Marquee Linings

When choosing clear span marquee hire for a more formal occasion, the marquee interior will always be finished with a fitted lining. There are many options…

Pleated Ivory linings remain most popular for the traditional wedding marquee atmosphere, but our new flat linings create a crisp, clean appearance. Swags and drapes can be chosen from a range of colours to match your theme and personalise your marquee interior.

Why not consider part or all of your marquee finished in a blackout starlight lining, which creates a dazzling and eye-catching feature, commonly used over a dancefloor / bar area.

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Panoramic Windows, Gables & Roofs

We have the choice of two types of windows with our Clear Span Marquee Hire option, Georgian Windows or Panoramic Windows.

Georgian Windows can give a more traditional feel and are more appropriate where a marquee is pitched in a more confined setting. Our Panoramic Windows are a must-have if there is a nice view to admire – the space will feel nice and open even if the weather is poor and the windows need to be closed. Both windows styles can be opened up entirely if the weather is pleasant.

If there is a nice vista that you want your guests to appreciate, why not consider using our clear Gable Ends or clear Roofs. Combined with Panoramic Windows, these options create a very open and airy feel inside a marquee.

Marquee Flooring

Depending on the finish that you are aiming for and the ground where our Marquee is being built, there are several flooring options available.

  • Our natural coloured Marquee Matting is probably most popular and gives a great finish. It always arrives absolutely spotless and is laid over a plastic membrane to keep water out and is our most affordable option.
  • We offer a huge range of Coloured Carpet, always supplied brand new. If the grass is short and it is a flat dry site this can go straight onto grass, more commonly used with  ‘RolaTrac’ or wooden hard floor beneath.
  • RolaTrac‘ is a rigid non-slip plastic flooring that we always use in catering tents. This is also used as an underlay to carpet providing a hard marquee floor which follows any contours in the ground surface.
  • Our most superior marquee flooring is the Raised Wooden Floor. This is used to create a perfectly level site on which a marquee can be built, perfect if your garden is on a steep slope. Can be left as wooden finish or carpeted.